The International School of Debrecen will be unique in Hungary

“Following the successful accreditation process, the International School of Debrecen will be a member of the prestigious International Baccalaureate system" - Mr. János Öreg

Education starts from September 2019. The opening of our school as part of the Modern Cities Program of the Hungarian Government and the New Phoenix Plan of the Municipality of Debrecen is of great importance for the economic development of Debrecen as it is a recurring issue for international company managers to find out what learning opportunities are available for the expat families’ children. Students from Debrecen can enroll in our institution as well, and to initiate this purpose the city plans to launch a scholarship program.

Mr. János Öreg, director of ISD announced that „following the successful accreditation process, the International School of Debrecen will be a member of the prestigious International Baccalaureate system, which was founded in Switzerland in 1968”. 

Currently six schools offer IB Diploma Program in Hungary (11th and 12th grade); however, ISD will be the first IB continuum school in Hungary which adapts and accredits all the IB programs to children from the age of 3 to 18. In the first academic year a trial teaching year will be implemented, which is an essential part of the process. 

The director explained that the first four years of the system will be launched in 2019: kindergarten, pre-school, grade 1 and grade 2, with a total of 50-60 students. 

A great local interest is shown for the school. 

“The school treats families of students with great importance, as what we will have is not only 500 students but 500 families.” 

At present more than 5,000 IB schools offer authorized IB programs around the world. The director claims this system can exclusively be launched by professionals who has valuable experience in this field. The four groups will have four English native speaker lead teachers: Canadian, British and American experts who were selected from more than 50 candidates. The primary school principal Ms. Trina Arsenault, who spent the last 16 years in a prominent international school in Switzerland, Zürich was appointed last autumn. 

“Open-minded, native Hungarian colleagues with professional use of English are also welcome. Besides the lead teachers we wish to employ Hungarian assistant teachers who support the international teachers’ work and to provide Hungarian students with an appropriate level of native language education. Interviews for these positions are currently under process”- said the director. 

The pedagogical program is also under development. One of the main principles of IB is that each and every student has the right to use his/her mother tongue at a high level, so it has to be included in the pedagogical program of the school; although the working language will be English. 

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