The Future of Education

International School of Debrecen: only the best for students

International School of Debrecen (ISD) is a new international school located in Debrecen. The school has not opened its doors yet but is already famous for its futuristic building, its glass- walls and outdoor classrooms – says Debrecen Today.

ISD works on “giving balanced, well-prepared, motivated young adults to the world” who are capable to think creatively and critically.

They will teach students subjects, but the usual hierarchy (languages-nature-social science art) will be overwritten. Subjects will be taught “project-based”, “experience-based” basis and synergistically.

For example, if children need to build a windmill, they will work in a group of 3-5 and everyone will have a task. Doing so, they will learn multiple subjects including math, physics, design, drawing, technology, literature, geography and history, – and at the end of the project, they should present their working windmill.

During the building process they will “work” like in real life, – they will practice and learn teamwork, communication and constructive criticism, not only subjects.

“The aim of the ISD is to provide parents with answers to what to teach their children in a rapidly changing world” – said Mr. János Öreg, the director of the school.

The entire article is available in the following link: The International School of Debrecen: The Future of Education

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