International Mindedness is the Foundation of Cultural Diversity

International mindedness is a world view that enables us to understand, value and respect diverse cultures while celebrating the differences.

International mindedness is a term often used in association with education, and somewhat differently by individuals and organizations. The common and agreed-upon aspect of this concept of international mindedness is respect, the capability to collaborate with people from around the world and benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Internationally-minded people often have an increased self-awareness and empathy, a better understanding of global issues and ability to act as responsible, global citizens. Finally, they usually are multilingual, and appreciate diverse cultures.

Does Your Child Need to Be Internationally-minded?

Your child is likely to grow up in an increasingly interconnected world, where overseas travel, expat life and multinational businesses have become the norm.

Once your child decides to go and live out of your comfort zone, he must build a foundation for himself.  In a foreign country, he might be asked about his culture, religion and lifestyle and it is best to break away from traditional stereotypes and understand other opinions and beliefs.

Even if your child decides to live and work in his home country, he might have to work with people from all around the world and he must be able to collaborate effectively across cultures, - and developing international-mindedness is a must to do so.

How to Help Your Child Develop International-mindedness

You can explore new countries and cultures through holidays, watching foreign films or reading stories from around the world; but international schools are one of the best places for children to understand and develop international-mindedness.

The management and boards of international schools understand worldwide issues, the priorities of other cultures, and the recognition of the reality of living in an inter-dependent world.

The curriculum of the international schools reflects international and multicultural perspectives, and the cultural diversity of the school community is celebrated at every opportunity.

In an international school, children will become part of an international community, they will meet and study with other children from all over the world. By studying and collaborating with different nationalities, international school students will instinctively feel “the international-mindedness” through experience.

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