Education for Global Competence

How should we prepare young people for the world they will inherit from us?

How should we educate them to be able to lead a successful life in this global environment where everything will be (or already is) global: economics, trade, media, information…? The answer is that we have the responsibility to provide them quite specific teachable and learnable competencies alongside subject knowledge. These global competences will help them to be able to work with people and build relationships with people who have different backgrounds; to function online and offline with mutual respect; to evaluate evidence critically; to challenge opinion without a “knee-jerk kick of emotions”.1

Embracing global learning is easier nowadays due to the improvement of educational technology tools, learning models and the advances in access to educational opportunities around the world. The framework of the IB's four educational programs and the OECD's competencies highlight issues that, in an era of almost unlimited access to information, are becoming fundamental to society and so to education.2 There is a demand for more powerful, relevant, and self-directed learning that will prepare the young to live, compete, and collaborate in a new global scenario; moreover, to develop their own global understandings.3 In a nutshell we can say that their success in career and life will depend on global competence as their career and even their lives will play out on global stage where they will meet the problems and opportunities of this new world.

1Rebecca Hughes: Education and global competencies (aka remembering we are human)
2Tom Vander Ark & Emily Liebtag: Educating for Global Competence: 6 Reasons, 7 Competencies, 8 Strategies, 9 Innovations
3Veronica Boix Mansilla & Anthony Jackson: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World

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